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Although submissions have now formally closed, if you would like to discuss a belated addition to the program, please email Mumbella360 curator Tim Burrowes - [email protected]

Mumbrella360's best sessions come through the passionate involvement of the industry. We welcome your proposals to take part.

This year's formal callout for session proposals has now ended.

In the coming days, we will begin to get back to those who have put themselves forward.

But if you're curious, this is the criteria we apply when we ask people to put forward ideas:

It may simply be as an expert speaker who can contribute to a discussion on a wider topic.

Or it could be to curate an entire 45-minute session with a detailed vision for topic, speakers and format.

Delegates attend Mumbrella360 with the expectation that they will come away with an understanding of the latest thinking in areas across the whole media and marketing world, not just their own day job.

If a session can equip our delegates to better understand wider developments that they can take back to their workplace, it stands a good chance of getting up.

The key thing is being clear on what outcome your session will deliver for the audience. What will they learn?

That takeaway may come as a piece of knowledge that will help them do their job better. It could be some new statistics that helps them understand where the industry is going. Or it could simply be something so inspiring it will make them go back to work keen to try harder.

It may also be an insight into the wider marketing world, which will help them in their next career step.

Regardless, the most important thing to consider is: What will your audience get out of it?

Sometimes, it might be a relatively traditional session idea simply featuring a great speaker or three or four well-chosen panellists on just the right topic.

But often the sessions that sizzle are the ones that offer a twist on the traditional conference format (it helps if the session is entertaining as well as informative).

Please note that proposals that feature all-male panels stand less chance of being accepted.

For that 45 minutes, the room is yours.

How to get your session accepted

We are in the fortunate position of having more proposals for speakers and sessions than there are slots.

The best way to get your session accepted is to offer as much detail as possible. Please excite us with your big ideas.

Please ensure that speakers you propose have at least agreed in principle to participate and that the conference dates of June 8 and 9 are clear in their diaries.

Sessions that sound like they are likely to be a sales pitch for the product or service that you offer are unlikely to get up. We can't stress this enough: DON'T SELL. It sounds obvious, but it helps a lot if you have a thought-provoking point of view - and want to get it across.

A great name for the session and an enticing description for the program counts for a lot. But don't simply go for style over substance - sometimes a potentially dry-sounding topic fills the room because there's an appetite to learn about it.

Overseas speakers get priority. Where you are part of an international network and have the opportunity to bring in clever colleagues from overseas, our readers often enjoy the opportunity to hear from speakers they wouldn't usually get to hear from on the rest of the circuit.

If you are carrying out research or have access to new data which you might be able to present for the first time, this is also often of great value for our audience.

We also love great marketing case studies - so long as they haven't been published or presented publicly before. And we like it even better when the client is among those presenting them. The key thing is being able to communicate what you learned.

If your session does get accepted, all speakers receive a free two-day pass to the Mumbrella360 conference.

Submissions have now closed


Although submissions have formally closed, if you would like to discuss a belated addition to the program, please email Mumbella360 curator Tim Burrowes - [email protected]

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